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Welcome to Zorba Zen House, where the aliveness of Zorba and the peaceful quality of Zen are awaiting you…

According to most visitors, this uniquely located traditional house has the best views on Crete!

Imagine yourself lounging on one of the house’s three patios, sipping a glass of wine and witnessing a breathtaking sunset! All of our patios welcome meditation or a morning yoga class looking out over the meadows and the Libyan Sea. Zorba Zen House is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life, a slow place to renew your energy, relax and re-nourish, all while offering the perfect base for beach life, hiking and adventurous expeditions along the wild and unexploited Cretan south coast.

The house lies on the edge of the traditional village of Kerames,  population 100. The village has remained practically unchanged for decades, if not centuries. A large part of its residents are elderly, still washing their clothes by hand, walking slowly, picking and growing their own food and going to church on Sundays. An authentic Cretan experience that seems to be so rare these days…Most of the narrow winding streets are inaccessible by car.
 There is a silence, relaxation and authenticity in this little village – it is a place we can simply be and enjoy, without effort. We can play with sheep, go swimming, kayaking or hiking in the mountains, pick wild greens, savour fruits right off the tree or just lounge around with a book and a glass of local wine or wild mountain tea on the terrace.

That is what we mean by Zorba Zen – the intense enjoyment of life that is a Cretan trait hand in hand with the meditative stillness of just being. Come and experience for yourself the simultaneous vivacity and tranquility that made us fall in love with this special part of the world.

Rent the whole house

You can rent the whole ZorbaZen House. Come here and live for a week or two with family and/or friends.

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Read more about upcoming events and retreats at ZorbaZen House.

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About us

Read more about Alf & Jivan-Harriet, our vision for ZorbaZen House and what we are doing to make it real.

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Read what previous guests say about their stay at the house and what they think about the beaches, tavernas etc.

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